Vietnam – day 2

Day 2 of the Vietnam visit

In the morning, our visitors were accompanied by Natalia and visited BoerEnCompagnie. Tom Troonbeeckx, one of the farmers and also the ‘founding father’ of CSA in Flanders was our guide.

For lunchtime, we were welcomed at Rikolto. Marie and Tessa joined the group. Jan Wyckaert, director at Rikolto, gave a first introduction to Rikolto.

After this, a delicious meal was served.

Jelle presented the global work of Rikolto, going into depth on what this means for the Belgian Rikolto team. Making sustainable food the mainstream.. that’s the goal of Rikolto in Belgium. With the example of Kivu coffee and sustainable soy, Jelle showed the level of ambition that the team has. Furthermore, we learned about co-creation with consumers and retail professionals. How can you make sustainable food easily accessible?

Caroline was our next presenter. She lived for 2 years in Hanoi, working for Rikolto. Topic of her presentation was ‘Food for the Future’. How to feed the world in the future?  Caroline outlines the overall objectives and demonstrates how these main aims are brought into practice.

After this Belgian case, the focus was set on the work of Rikolto in Vietnam. Mianne gave a nice presentation, including a video in Vietnamese.. so no translation needed..

Last presentation of the day was given by Hilde Delbecque, director of Voedselteams.

Again, a very intensive but interesting day..

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