Practical information

– Location: Aula Jean Monnet (Faculty of Social Sciences – Leuven)
– Timing: 19h00 – 21h30 (reception afterwards until 22h30)
– Opening doors: 18h30


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Content of the debate

19h – 19h15 Introduction by organizing team
19h10 – 19h15 Introduction by Vice Dean of Sustainability Gerard Govers
19h15 – 19h40 Presentation by Tessa Avermaete
19h40 – 19h50 Introduction of each organization (1’)
19h50h – 20h25 Statement 1 + debate on that statement
20h25 – 21h Statement 2 + debate on that statement
21h00 – 21h30 Q&A with audience
21h30 – 21h35 Final words and thank you
21h30 – 22h30 Reception

Panel members

Meet Jannes Maes, our first pannel member for the Foodprint Debate on the 9th of May 🙌. Jannes will be speaking as president of CEJA Young Farmers and a member of Groene Kring 🚜.

“As young farmers, in Flanders, Belgium, Europe and the world, the future of food production and consumption comes close to our everyday life. The point of view on and especially of todays and tomorrows farmers is essential for the discussion on sustainable farming. We feel it is our responsibility to contribute to the debate with our perspective, hoping that we can transfer, if even a fraction of, the passion we feel about food and farming!”

Meet Elodie d’Halluweyn, our second pannel member for the Foodprint Debate on the 9th of May 🙌. Elodie is the vice-president of Végétik.

Végétik is a belgian NGO advocating plant-based diets and vegan lifestyles 🌱. They denounce the negative impact of animal proteins on environment, health and animal welfare. Conversely, they propose concrete solutions to end a meat, eggs, dairy and animal products consumption. They do so through cooking lessons, workshops on nutrition and public awareness campaigns. Végétik’s slogan is therefore: “For a more sustainable and a fairer world, let’s choose a more plant-based diet”.

Jelle will represent Rikolto – Vredeseilanden 💬. He sheds a light on why food sustainability is important to Rikolto: “Climate change, environmental degradation, poverty, health problems,… All the big challenges of our time are somehow linked to the way we produce, process and consume food. But if food is the problem, food can also fix it. That’s why Rikolto is committed to change the recipe of our food system – together with farmers, industry leaders and politicians”.

Our fourth panel member, Eric Claeys, will represent ABSvzw during our Foodprint Debate // Sustainability Week on the 9th of May 📢.

“The global challenge for the agricultural sector is to feed all mouths. As a result, high-tech techniques are becoming more and more accepted and this trend will continue in all forms of agriculture. This will certainly ensure that our farmers work in a more sustainable and efficient way, with extra attention for the environment, the people and society. Food is and remains a basis of our civilization. But food cannot be produced without farmers, also here in Flanders and Belgium.” 🚜

Today we introduce our fifth panel member for the Foodprint Debate // Sustainability Week: Professor Stefaan De Smet 💡.

Professor De Smet will speak on behalf of BAMST, an academic non-profit organization that aims at providing science-based information on all aspects of meat and its role in sustainable food security 🥩. For meat production and consumption is nowadays questioned for several reasons, despite its longstanding nutritional and socio-cultural role. Hence, BAMST would like to contribute to the debate on the role of meat in sustainable diets.