Organization of the conference

Tessa Avermaete

Tessa Avermaete is project manager is the SFERE research group at KU Leuven. She works as project manager of the FP7 project TRANSMANGO and the H2020 project SUFISA.

She obtained a PhD in 2004 at the University of Ghent, on the topic of innovation in food SMEs and the impact on regional development.

Tessa was Sherpa of Erik Mathijs in the EIP on Agricultural Productivity and Sustainability and was a member of the EIP focus group on New Entrants in Agriculture. She also actively works at the local and national level, as member of post 2020 CAP working group at the national level, and in the urban agriculture working group of the City of Leuven.

Abid Mehmood

Abid Mehmood is a Research Fellow in Sustainable Places Research Institute. His broader research expertise is in social innovation and governance. He has experience of research in climate change, socioeconomic development, and social cohesion for local and regional development policy and practice. He has also conducted research on climate change resilience policies and practice in London and Northeast England.

He leads the Institute’s research programmes on Cities and sustainable places that integrates the work related to social innovation for sustainable urban transformations, governance of sustainable places, and spatial analysis and design of the built environment. Other key relevant areas include community-led transition and adaptation, sustainable mobility, and integrative methods for sustainability science research and engagement. He has also worked on the research area ‘Adaptive Governance for Social and Ecological Transitions’.