Preliminary program

9.00  Welcome

Morning session : Contemporary governance challenges in food, environment, agriculture and rural Development.

Chair: Abid Mehmood

9.20  UK Food Policy and Brexit – Terry Marsden

9.50  CAP and the impact of EU projects on European policy  – Erik Mathijs

10.10  Coffee break

10.40  Integrated Food Governance – Ana Moragues Faus

11.10  The road towards local food strategies – Maarten Crivits (ILVO)

11.40  Open discussion

12.00  Lunch Break

Afternoon session : Experiences, practice and co-production of food governance and the challenges faced by civil servants, industry, civil society and the growers.

Chair – Tessa Avermaete

13.15  Challenges of sub-national governance for developing a coherent food strategy’ – Matthew Quinn

13.45  Bridging the gap from research to implementation – Jan Wyckaert (Vredeseilanden)

14.15  Discussion

14.35  Coffee break

14.55  Challenges and struggle of retailers in good food governance – Mieke Vercaeren (Colruyt)

15.30  Wrap up and final comments by Terry and Erik on future directions