Day 1 – 28th November 2017

Interactive workshop with TRANSMANGO stakeholders

TRANSMANGO has built heavily on close cooperation with various actors in the food system, both at the local level and at the European level. At this workshop, we provide a “gamestorm” where we learn about food security through making applied games with game design experts. We invite our stakeholders to meet with creative youngsters. It is an opportunity to learn from each others initiatives, exchange ideas, re-design and ultimately make your first paper-based applied game.

This workshop requires no previous experience or expertise with games and is open for everyone who has been involved in the TRANSMANGO project – through participation in workshops, as interviewee, as member of an expert board, etc. Select ‘TRANSMANGO stakeholder’ to register for this workshop.


Day 2 – 29th November 2017

TRANSMANGO final conference

TRANSMANGO conference

Wednesday 29 November 2017

University Hall – Promotiezaal , Naamsestaat 22, Leuven

8.30        Coffee and registration

9.00       Opening by Erik Mathijs and Tessa Avermaete

9.15        Morning chair: Roberta Sonnino

9.20       Presentation of  TRANSMANGO

  • Setting the scene – Erik Mathijs (KU Leuven)
  • Creation of scenarios and pathways – Joost Vervoort (Oxford University)
  • Quantitative scenarios and regionalization – Andre Deppermann (IIASA)

10.00     Selected joint presentation with stakeholders that covers various cases of FNS

  • Local and European case studies – Francesca Galli (UNIPI)
  • Latvia case: Tukums school meal case

Talis Tisenkopfs (Baltic Study Center) & Janis Lucsevics (Department of Tukums municipality)

  • Italian case: Land access in the metropolitan area of Rome

Luca Colombo (FIRAB) & Giacomo Lepri (Coop Coraggio)

11.00     Break

11.25     Keynote speaker 1: How can science inform food policy making ?

Alexandre Meybeck (FAO)

11.45     Game jam intro – Micah Hrehovcsik  (HKU University of the Arts Utrecht)

12.15     Game jam award – Joost Vervoort (Oxford University)


12.45     Lunch – opportunity to meet related projects – interactive gaming

14.00     Afternoon chair: Dionisio Ortiz Miranda

14.05    Keynote speaker 2:

‘When the stakes are not the same’: Widening the narrowly defined logic of stakeholderism

Jessica Duncan (Assistant Professor Rural Sociology Group)

14.25     Food security – Testimony 1: Robert Mhamba (University Dar es Salaam, Tanzania)

14.40     Keynote speaker 3: European Innovation Partnership

Inge Van Oost (DG AGRI)

15.00     Sustainable food governance – Terry Marsden (Cardiff University)


15.15     Coffee break


15.35     Food security –  Testimony 2: Mikelis Grivins (BSC), Tjitske Anna Zwart (KU Leuven) and Pedro Cerrada Serra (UPV) – TRANSMANGO researchers

15.50    TRANSMANGO policy recommendations – Paul Hebinck (WUR)

16.10    TRANSMANGO Roadmap – Erik Mathijs (KU Leuven)

16.40    Closing the day – Tessa Avermaete (KU Leuven)